CMI Genus G1

CMI Genus G1


The Genius of Genus – Solid Performance & Rugged Design

With a powerful interface and customized programmability, the Genus G1 electric time clock data terminal allows businesses to instantaneously connect their employees to time management applications. The “genius of Genus” is that these units are individually configured to seamlessly integrate into your existing operations, and are ideal for:
Time-Keeping, Employee Self-Service, Attendance, Shop Floor Data Collection, Workforce Management, Access Controls

A Programmable & Customizable Electronic Time Clock

The Genus G1 utilizes an intelligent Java programming language which enables companies – for the first time – to manage their workforce with an easy-to-use product which can be configured to link to existing management databases.
These electric time clock data terminals provide solid workforce management, and are part of the Genus line that also includes the larger Genus G2 employee time clock.
With an open, modular platform and customizable features, the Genus G1 provides fast, accurate and affordable workforce monitoring for virtually any application.

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